Business Operations

The Law Offices of Aaron J. Kudla has significant experience preparing, amending, reviewing and advising clients on documents and issues related to the operation of a business. Whether the business is a convenience store, construction company, restaurant, personal services company or an automobile dealership, our firm has the expertise necessary to advise clients on the operation, purchase or sale of the business, and related tax issues.

Business agreements are an essential aspect of business. People's ideas and expectations change over time and disputes often result. We highly recommend written agreements to ensure all parties are in agreement and to remind everyone involved of the original agreement.

We offer services to prepare simple or complex shareholders' agreements (corporations), operating agreements (limited liability companies), partnership agreements (partnerships), and joint venture agreements. We are also proficient at preparing and reviewing a variety of other contracts that vary for each business.

In addition to ongoing business activities, our firm guides clients through the many pitfalls related to the purchase and sale of businesses and business assets.

Business is a very complicated and time consuming process and the Law Offices of Aaron J. Kudla helps guide our clients so they can focus on their core business activities.